Orading API

Insights comes form true data, in the meanwhile Orading tries to provide the market data to allows you to access the true market data. We provide new suites of robust, flexible, and accurate cryptocurrency market data API endpoints, used by small startups and enterprises.

We Provide API access for different use cases. It's divided to 3 categories:

  • Public Market Data
  • Private Data
  • Social media

Let us now look at the program :

Endpoint URL: api.orading.com

API-Key Setup:

  • Some endpoints will require an API Key. You can get a new API-key from https://orading.com/my/settings/ApiManagement
  • Once API-key is created/generated, it is recommended to set IP restrictions for security reasons.
  • Never share your API key/secret key to ANYONE.
Contact Us

  • Orading API Telegram Group: For any general questions about the API not covered in the documentation, you can use our Telegram group: t.me/OradingChat
  • Orading Customer Support: For other cases such as API-quota, help with 2FA, etc, contact us: https://orading.com/contact-us